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A Message from Mark Cianca


I am pleased to announce another milestone for UCPath: Following a series of implementation readiness checkpoints, President Janet Napolitano along with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry Yang approved UCPath deployment for both campuses. With this final go-live decision, teams will begin cutover activities on August 31. The month-long cutover period will result in UCPath self-service access for all faculty and staff at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara. Teams at each campus, the UCPath Center and the UCPath PMO are working around the clock to ensure a successful go-live.

In parallel, the UCPath Center is continuously improving processes, service delivery and staffing to make operations more efficient and better serve UC employees - those transitioning to UCPath with the upcoming deployment, as well as those already using UCPath. This effort has successfully eliminated manual processes and streamlined operations at the UCPath Center and our production locations.

Building upon what we learned with our first campus deployments, we are excited about deploying UCPath at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara, which further sets the stage for the two final deployments, which are scheduled for next year. Both Deployment 1 (ANR, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC Irvine) and Deployment 2 (UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, UC Hastings and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) activities are progressing steadily, and we look forward to sharing more details about these deployments in upcoming updates.

I also recently announced the appointment of Cristina Jacobson as the new UCPath Program Director, and she will provide future updates - see more details about this change in UCPath News. Please visit the UCPath on Campus page for links to campus UCPath websites to learn how each campus is preparing for UCPath deployment. As always, we welcome your questions and suggestions.


Mark Cianca
Associate Vice President, Operational Services

August 30, 2018


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