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A Message from the Program Director

 Cristina Jacobson

Happy New Year!

2018 was a very busy year for the UCPath program as we collectively deployed UCPath with partner teams at six UC locations. UCPath now supports one-third of UC’s workforce.  In addition, project teams at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources ended the year by successfully completing key testing milestones as they prepare to deploy UCPath this March.

We are excited to start the New Year working with these teams to complete the final test cycles, training and change planning for this major business transformation. In addition, they are working closely with the UCPath Center to fine-tune and prepare for their day-to-day UCPath operations once the system is live at their locations. Next month, we will conduct a dress rehearsal for cutover, where we will go through a final implementation readiness checkpoint and go/no-go decision process before beginning a month-long cutover process on March 1.

In parallel, all remaining UC locations (San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Hastings) are hard at work preparing local systems and designing business processes to begin testing in the spring for UCPath deployment in December.  

As we continue our journey, supported by the dedication and high level of commitment from all involved in the program, the words of Maya Angelou come to mind, as we are “hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”

Thank you again for your support! And my best wishes for 2019!




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