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A Message from Mark Cianca


Following the successful Pilot go-live in January, we are now actively managing multiple deployment efforts for UCLA/UCSB, Deployment 1 and Deployment 2. It’s an extremely busy time for the campuses, the UCPath PMO, and the UCPath Center.

With the exception of recruitment and performance management modules, we have effectively completed the system design/build phase of UCPath. This should help the campuses and UCPath PMO shift focus from system development to business readiness — a key lesson learned from the pilot deployment — for the remaining locations.

I want to thank and acknowledge our Pilot deployment partners, who have maintained their commitment to UCPath success throughout the hypercare period of onsite post go-live support. Stabilization is a significant effort after cutover, and the Pilot locations have been outstanding in their commitments to help identify and remedy issues as they arise. Production metrics, which fell slightly as expected immediately after cutover, are now trending in the right direction and overall stability meets our performance expectations in production.

UCLA and UC Santa Barbara are preparing to deploy UCPath in September. Locations in subsequent deployments are engaged in a common set of activities until August, when Deployment 1 and Deployment 2 locations start following separate plans and Deployment 1 locations begin integration testing. All upcoming deployment plans are informed by the knowledge Pilot locations, the UCPath PMO and the UCPath Center are sharing from the Pilot deployment experience. It is encouraging to see teams collaborating to emulate what worked well and improve where we fell short.

While we are fine-tuning production activities leading up to each deployment, we are also improving and scaling UCPath Center operations to best serve the UC employee community. We will continue to share more updates on progress and welcome your questions and suggestions.


Mark Cianca
Associate Vice President, Operational Services

March 26, 2018


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