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A Message from Mark Cianca


While making progress with multiple deployment efforts at UCLA/UCSB, Deployment 1 locations and Deployment 2 locations, we are also improving operational effectiveness at the UCPath Center to best serve the UC employee community. Lessons we learned from the Pilot deployment are already benefiting our upcoming deployments.

A key lesson learned from Pilot deployment was the need for earlier and deeper engagement with the UCPath Center as campuses get ready to deploy. Now the UCPath Center, UCLA and UCSB teams are preparing to ensure their operations are well aligned – from handoffs and support processes to monitoring and feedback mechanisms – to ensure business readiness for cutover in September.

We are also refining the post-implementation hypercare framework to include fine-tuning business processes in addition to resolving transactional and technical issues. This change will be put into practice immediately following the next deployment to ensure quicker and smoother transition with well-orchestrated handoffs between the UCPath Center and production locations.

Looking ahead at serving all UC locations, we are simplifying the service partnership agreement – with clearly defined performance targets and escalation paths. Also in development is a long-term campus engagement model and training strategy to manage change as the system and business processes continue to evolve.

The campuses will continue to play a significant and essential role in championing the success of UCPath beyond deployment. The newly established UCPath Advisory Board will be the location voice overseeing service delivery and prioritizing improvement opportunities.

All three remaining deployments are progressing according to plan. If you are in any of the deploying locations, I encourage you to visit the “UCPath on Campus” page to find links to local UCPath websites with useful resources and communications. We will post additional updates as we get closer to the UCLA/UCSB go-live and welcome your questions and suggestions.


Mark Cianca
Associate Vice President, Operational Services

May 30, 2018


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