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A Message from Mark Cianca


Through UCPath, the University of California is transforming the way we deliver human resource, benefits and payroll services for more than 220,000 employees. Employees at the Office of the President have been using UCPath since late 2015.  By year’s end we will have completed significant work bringing UCPath to another 15,000 employees at Pilot locations. Not long after, the rest of UC’s employees will join in subsequent groups.

In early October, the UCLA chancellor and UC president agreed to accept UCLA’s recommendation to defer its UCPath implementation.  The remaining Pilot locations, UC Merced, UC Riverside and Associated Students of UCLA, remain on track to go-live with UCPath in December. Deferring UCLA’s implementation increases the probability of Pilot deployment success by focusing all resources on these organizations.  UCLA will recommend a new go-live date by the end of October, and we will then work within the UCPath governance structure to determine a deployment timeline for all remaining locations.

In the meantime, our team is extremely busy with Pilot location teams in the final stages of payroll parallel testing to confirm that employee paychecks are correct.  Pilot teams are in the middle of user acceptance testing, scheduled for completion in late October.  Project and campus leadership are closely monitoring these test results and other indicators in a series of readiness checkpoints, including a go/no-go checkpoint in early November.  All our teams are working hard to plan the upcoming Pilot cutover.  Their planning includes a dress rehearsal to make sure the cutover process is as seamless as possible.

Other teams have prepared training, change management and communications materials to support Pilot campus go-live efforts.  The UCPath Center is fully staffed to support Pilot deployment and is recruiting for upcoming deployments. To find out more about open positions at the UCPath Center, visit  

In addition to getting ready for Pilot go-live, we are working with all remaining UC locations to prepare for their deployments. 

Deployment 1:
The Deployment 1 group – UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources – is finishing location-specific business process designs and interfaces between local systems and UCPath.  These locations have started reviewing converted data in preparation for upcoming testing activities.  This month, Deployment 1 teams will join Deployment 2 teams to review the latest UCPath functionality and conversion design.

Deployment 2:
The Deployment 2 group – UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Hastings – is establishing its governance structure and project management teams.  This month, we will begin reviewing UCPath functionality and data conversion requirements with Deployment 2 project teams.

Our top priority remains a successful UCPath deployment across all UC locations and we are confident and excited about Pilot deployment right around the corner. We will provide updates on our progress and welcome your questions and suggestions.


Mark Cianca
Associate Vice President, Operational Services

October 6, 2017

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