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Program Leadership

Leading the Way

UCPath originated from the UC Controllers, Chief HR Officers, and Academic Personnel Directors, in conjunction with the UC Board of Regents, UC President, UC Chancellors, and various UC Leaders who:

  • Agreed to work toward common business practices. 
  • Recommended replacing the current system with a single, integrated UC-wide HR/payroll technology.
  • Committed to system-wide representation throughout the business transformation.

Current UCPath Leadership

UCPath Executive Sponsors

Nathan Brostrom, UC Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rachael Nava, UC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

UCPath Program Leadership

Mark Cianca, Associate Vice President, Operational Services

UCPath Program Team Leads

Dave Kolodziejski, UCPath Program Management/Delivery Lead
Bill Bonner, Post-Pilot Engagement Lead
Deb Hill, PMO Lead
Todd Laesch
, Functional Team Lead
Jaswinder Saini, Technical Program Management
Rachael Litonjua-Witt, Training Management
Michele Nawotka, Training Management
Kelly Laverty, Organizational Change Management
Debi Young, Testing Program Management
Brian Korblick, Implementation Readiness
Raj Rastogi, Cutover and Reporting 

UCPath Center Leadership

Dan Russi, Interim UCPath Center Executive Director

UCPath Executive Leadership Team

Makes final decisions regarding scope, timeline, budget and policy; escalates issues to executive sponsors and provides visible communication and support.

Chairs: Nathan Brostrom, CFO, Office of the President; Rachael Nava, COO, Office of the President

Rosemarie Rae, AVC and CFO, Berkeley
Kelly Ratliff, Interim CFO, Davis
Ron Cortez, VC, Administration, Irvine
Michael Reese, VC, Administration, Merced
Tom Andriola, Systemwide CIO, Office of the President
Peggy Arrivas, AVP and Systemwide Controller, Office of the President
Susan Carlson, Vice Provost, Academic Personnel, Office of the President
Dwaine Duckett, VP, HR, Office of the President
Dan Russi, Interim Executive Director, UCPath Center, Office of the President
Ron Coley, VC, Administration, Riverside
Pierre Ouillet, VC and CFO, San Diego
Joel Michaelson, Interim VC, Administrative Services, Santa Barbara
Sarah Latham, VC, Business and Admin Services, Santa Cruz
Steve Olsen, VC, CFO, UCLA 
Paul Jenny, SVC, Finance and Administration, UCSF

Steering Committee

Approves future state processes; approves and monitors a comprehensive, integrated project plan; provides guidance and escalation for program management and location PMOs; and provides visible communication and support.

Peggy Arrivas, Systemwide Controller, UCOP
Omar Noorzai, Executive Director, Business Transformation, UCLA
Mark Cianca, AVP Operational Services, UCOP (Ex Officio, Staff to Committee)
Rick Coulon, AVC Administrative and Business Services, Irvine
Jennifer Damico Murphy, Director, HR Compliance, Reporting & Analytics, UCOP
Cindy Doherty, Director of Academic Personnel, Santa Barbara
Danna Gianforte, AVC and CIO, Riverside
Matthew Hicks, Systemwide Audit Director, UCOP
Dave Kolodziejski, UCPath Delivery Lead, UCOP
Gwen Lake, Medical Controller, UCLA Health System
Kirk Lew, AVC Controller, Santa Cruz
Jo Mackness, Interim AVC Human Resources, Berkeley
Jaklin Orlowski, Interim Executive Director, Finance, Irvine Health System
Pamela Peterson, AVC of the Academic Personnel Office, Santa Cruz
Brenda Rebman, Executive Director of Human Resources, Davis
Mike Riley, Controller / AVC of Business and Financial Services, Merced
Dana Roode, Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO, Irvine
Dan Russi, Deputy CIO, UCOP
Pearl Trinidad, Executive Director for Business Transformation and Optimization, San Diego
Chair: David Odato, AVC, Human Resources, UCSF and SVP, Human Resources, UCSF Health