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As part of Deployment 1, UC Berkeley has a target go-live date of March 2019.  View the UCPath Deployment Sequence

Find out more Visit the UC Berkeley UCPath website

UC Berkeley UCPath Executive Steering Committee

Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor, Administration
Rosemarie Rae, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

UC Berkeley UCPath Sponsor Committee

Lyle Nevels, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO, Central IT
Jo Mackness, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Peggy Huston, Chief Operating Officer, Campus Shared Services
Heather Archer, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel Office
Delphine Regalia, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller
Seana Van Buren, Chief Administrator Officer

Susan Roach, Executive Director Student Affairs Administration

UC Berkeley UCPath Project Management Office

Pratima Reddy, Executive Director, PMO UCPath
Louise (JR) Schulden, Associate Chief Information Officer, Administrative IT & Technical Lead
Sunil Kumar Panta, Data Conversion Lead
Abdel Shaker, Analytics & Reporting Lead
Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Change Management Lead
Cecelia Lopez, Communications Lead
Jessica Ortiz, Training Lead
Venkata Bhavan Adavikolanu, Data Conversion Analyst
Suresh Balakrishnan, Data Conversion Analyst
Kathryn Forrest, Business Analyst
Terry Kwong, Business Analyst
Nili Ovaici, Business Analyst
Nicole Slaughter, Business Analyst
Kyra Troyan, Business Analyst
Robina Khera, Business Analyst
Sina Carroll, Business Analyst
Matt Dolan, Business Analyst
Nelcy Dwight, Change Management Business Analyst