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San Diego

UC San Diego is part of Deployment 2, planned for a September 2019 go-live. View the UCPath Deployment Sequence.

Until then, you can review the list of people at your location who are working on UCPath (below), see the latest news about the UCPath program, or review more information about the business transformation

Additionally, you might be interested in your local web site about UCPath.

Executive Sponsors 

Suresh Subramani - Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Pierre Ouillet  Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer


Pierre Ouillet, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer (Executive Leadership Team) 
Pearl Trinidad, Executive Director Business and Financial Services (UCPath Steering Committee)
Cheryl Ross, AVC and Controller, VCHS Financial Officer
Vince Kellen, Chief Information Officer
Cathy Ledford, Chief Human Resources Officer

Steering Committee

Pierre Ouillet - Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer                              
Cheryl Ross -  AVC and Controller, VCHS Financial Officer                
Vince Kellen - Chief Information Officer
Cathy Ledford - Chief Human Resources Officer                  
Pearl Trinidad - Executive Director Business and Financial Services
Janet Kamerman - Chief Human Resource Officer, Health
Reid Hollyfield - Controller, UC San Diego Medical Center                                        
Lori Donaldson - Chief Financial Officer, Health   
Chris Longhurst - Chief Information Officer, Health                        
Sylvia Lepe - AVC, Campus Budget Office                            
Evelyn Hidalgo - Associate Dean, Academic Resource Office                             
Cynthia Palmer - AVC, Academic Personnel 
Beatrice Dormoy - UCPath Project Director

Project Team

Pearl Trinidad – Executive Director, Business Transformation and Optimization
Kelly Maheu – Subject Matter Expert, Academic Personnel
Beatrice Dormoy – UCPath Project Director 
Arsenia Cruz – Subject Matter Expert, Payroll
Dawn Reser – Subject Matter Expert, Academic Personnel
Kelly Aranaz – Project Manager
Barbara Angeletti/Janine Tarkow – Change Management, Training & Communications Leads
Mark Sylwestrzak – IT Lead, UCSD Health Systems
Jennifer Grau – Technical Lead
Deanna Sanchez – Sr. Business Analyst
Margie Franco - Administrative Support