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A Message from Mark

 Image of Cristina Jacobson, UCPath Program Director

March 31, 2020

All of us are on an aggressive learning curve as we adapt to the impacts of COVID-19. Together, I am confident that the University of California will continue to lead the way for our state and our nation in our response to this pandemic.

Despite the uncertain climate created by COVID-19 protocols, UCPath project teams are on target for remaining UCPath deployments at UC San Diego, UC San Francisco and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Remote collaboration is in the DNA of UCPath teams, thanks in part to the UC-wide nature of UCPath. Despite our collective Zoom expertise, teams from the UCPath Center, UCPath PMO, UCSD, UCSF and LBNL are re-thinking how to communicate, conduct training and support UCPath go-live and post-go-live operations.

In the meantime, UCSD and UCSF are about halfway through their final round of testing and will begin dress rehearsal for cutover in late March. Both are on track for a June 2 go-live. Similarly, LBNL is scheduled to start a final round of testing in mid-April in preparation for a July go-live.

It’s a challenging time, but I’m confident that all of our teams are more than enough for the remaining work ahead.

Fiat lux,


Interim Vice President, UC Chief Information Officer
Associate Vice President, Operational Services


If your location has transitioned to UCPath, please login to UCPath and use the “Ask UCPath Center” button or call 855‐982‐7284 to contact the UCPath Center