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UCPath Benefits

UCPath provides systemwide integration in support of payroll, benefits, human resources (HR) and academic personnel transaction services. Through a common administrative platform, consistent business practices and the creation of a shared services model, UC will realize greater efficiency and productivity across the system. The efficiencies created by UCPath help campuses focus their efforts on UC’s core mission of teaching, research and public service.


UCPath standardizes roughly 100 UC-wide business processes while improving the quality of employee, job and payroll data. By moving to a unified system, UC is establishing a central data management platform; thus reducing the number of disparate data systems and interfaces. Once all campuses complete the transition to UCPath, UC can further streamline business processes and leverage additional efficiencies.

UCPath provides:

  • Consistent set of tools and information across the UC system
  • Standardized delivery of HR-centric transactions
  • Consistent support services to all UC employees via UCPath Center
  • Data for agile business planning and decision-making
  • Efficient processing of new hires, transfers and rehires
  • Performance and recruitment management tools
  • Centralized payroll and other transactional processing
  • Common data definitions across all systems
  • Improved regulatory and policy compliance


UCPath brings UC’s HR, payroll and benefits systems up to date and provides scalability to accommodate future growth. UCPath automates manual calculations and processes thereby reducing error and rework. It also enables new and expanded functionality, and supports the complexities associated with a broad range of employee populations.

UCPath provides:

  • Common business processes across all UC locations
  • One federal payroll tax ID across all UC locations
  • Automatic out-of-state tax withholding calculations
  • Automatic imputed income calculations
  • Automatic calculation of service credits
  • Vendor-supported tax and regulatory maintenance
  • Enhanced and integrated employee/manager self-service portal
  • Integrated budgeting with commitment accounting
  • Current technology and enhanced scalability
  • Contingent worker functionality
  • Position management


Upon completion, UCPath will provide nearly 200,000 employees with modernized, integrated access to payroll and HR information through a self-service web portal and a service center. The UCPath portal will provide employees with 24/7 access to view or update personal employment information, including payroll records, health and retirement benefits, vacation/sick time accruals and performance ratings.

UCPath provides:

  • Single point of contact for payroll, benefits and other questions
  • Absence management and automatic FMLA tracking
  • Improved visibility to employee data
  • Access to view personal job data
  • Single sign-on for open enrollment
  • Single system of record for reporting
  • Streamlined inter-location transfers
  • Job history details