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A Message from the Program Director

 Image of Cristina Jacobson, UCPath Program Director

February 24, 2020

UC Hastings is now live on UCPath! Many thanks to all the UC teams for their intense efforts over the last several weeks. UCPath is now deployed at twelve locations, including campuses and medical centers, and serves more than 70% of UC employees.

We are very close to completing our work, with just three locations left to deploy. UC San Diego and UC San Francisco teams began a final round of testing today in preparation for a June 2 go-live. This is our single largest UCPath deployment, supporting more than 63,000 employees. Following San Diego’s and San Francisco’s deployment, the UCPath program will formally close June 30.

Due to its unique operational and reporting requirements, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab will implement UCPath following completion of the program later this summer.

I would like to extend my thanks for the continuing partnership, hard work and passion. It has been a monumental journey, and it is truly exciting to have the finish line in sight!

Best regards,

Cristina Jacobson
UCPath Program Director


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