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UCPath Center Taps Expert Talent from Campuses and Beyond

Date: 10-07-2014

UCPath Center Taps Expert Talent from Campuses and Beyond

As the University of California moves closer to launching its first UCPath pilot site, teams are working around the clock to ensure the standardized HR, benefits and payroll processes, technology, and UCPath Center shared services are ready to go live.

Once locations transition to UCPath, the Riverside-based staff at the UCPath Center will be the first point of contact for many questions and will provide important day-to-day services for UC’s 190,000 employees and faculty.

Most UCPath Center employees are already familiar with the unique needs of UC. In fact, two-thirds of the center’s current staff came from other UC locations, bringing with them expertise in their administrative areas as well as detailed knowledge of how the UC system works.

In spring 2013, Elizabeth Williams packed her bags in Oakland to make a move to Riverside, where she is now a UCPath Center employee service supervisor. She has nearly a decade of experience working for UC Office of the President (UCOP) and the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC).

“I was looking for an opportunity to build on the skills that I had gained while working as a customer service representative for the RASC shared service center,” said Elizabeth, one of the original hires in spring 2013. “The UCPath Center provided that, and also allowed me to continue to support the University of California’s mission.”

Other staff have come from UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCLA Health, UC San Diego, UC Davis and UC Berkeley. They include:

  • Angelina Gomez, manager of the employee services team, transferred from UC Riverside. She also has 20-plus years of experience in private industry call centers and customer service. Angelina oversees six supervisors at the center, five of whom came from within the UC system, representing almost 70 combined years of experience in the areas of payroll, benefits, retirement and customer service.
  • Aaron Locquiao, benefits production supervisor, came to the center after working for UC Davis for more than two decades. He has extensive knowledge of the open enrollment process, retirement planning, disability training, and payroll policy and procedure.
  • Debbie Musselman, a workforce associate, came to the UCPath Center after working in human resources for 30 years at the UCLA campus and at the medical center.

And what about those who came from outside the UC system? They include:

  • David Denton, a senior employee service associate, brings almost a decade of experience in payroll customer service, human resources and benefits.
  • Jing Li, an analyst for more 13 years before becoming the data analytics lead at the center, is part of the team that will develop and run critical reports on how well UCPath is serving our campus and health system clients.
  • Lakesha Welch, performance metrics and quality analyst, will use her experience to analyze efficiency and customer service performance at the center.

Executive director Jim Leedy himself has more than two decades of experience in a shared service environment similar to the UCPath Center model, as well as experience with payroll, human resources, finance and systems development.

“The successful deployment of UCPath depends on many factors. One is providing a delightful customer experience for anyone who comes into contact with the UCPath Center,” said Leedy. “We are truly fortunate to have employees at the UCPath Center who have the skills and knowledge – and most importantly, the commitment – to make that happen.”

UCPath is UC’s first systemwide shared services effort. With staff experts in technology infrastructure and customer service, who are also familiar with the issues that HR, payroll, finance, benefits and IT experts at UC locations, the UCPath Center is well-prepared to take on the support of our diverse community.


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