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UCPath Center Advisory Board Represents Interests of UC Campuses and Health Systems

Date: 02-06-2015

Author: Kim Lane

As the University of California moves toward its goal of launching a shared services center to provide human resources, benefits and payroll services for the faculty and staff there are many decisions to be made.

What kind of technology is needed beyond PeopleSoft? What is being done to ensure that the center best serves its customers – the employees, faculty, doctors, nurses, administration and the university as a whole?

Enter the UCPath Center Advisory Board, a group of high-level leaders from throughout the University of California who convene monthly – four times a year in person and the rest via conference call. The advisory board derives its authority from the UCPath Steering Committee. 

With expertise in the areas of human resources, academic personnel and finance, members are charged with providing input and making recommendations to help ensure that the center is well-prepared to meet the needs of the UC’s campuses, medical centers and research facilities.

“The advisory board members bring to the table invaluable knowledge not just about their areas of expertise, but on their location’s operational needs as well,” said UCPath Center Executive Director Jim Leedy, adding that they also serve as UCPath Center champions by providing visible project support.

Jeannine Raymond, assistant vice chancellor for human resources at UC Berkeley, is the advisory board chair.

“Our goal is to make sure the people inside the center understand the needs of the campuses and medical centers,” said AVC Raymond. “We take this role seriously. Meetings sometimes include robust back and forth conversations around some tough issues, but we also provide suggestions and options for solutions.”

The advisory board reviewed and weighed in on the service partnership agreement, which spells out the roles, responsibilities, performance and services standards for UCPath Center and the UC locations.

“We asked them to review the content from an operational expectation and customer service perspective, and provide feedback on how it could be improved,” said Quality and Performance Manager Tracey Scholtemeyer, who authored the document with contributions from the UCPC leadership team. “Their participation was crucial in helping us to really fine tune the agreement.”

The board also played a role reviewing choices for UCPath Center technologies, including those portions of PeopleSoft that will form UCPath Online; and the interactive telephone system, that will route callers to the center staff most skilled to handle their inquiry and will also track incoming calls to help plan for proper staffing during busy periods.

These are a few example of the advisory board’s role to date. But the group’s work will not be done once all locations have gone live.

“We will ask them to continue to meet regularly to monitor such things as our customer service metrics or to provide input as we make adjustments in our scope of work to ensure we meet long-term needs,” said Executive Director Leedy.

UCPath Center Advisory Board

Chair: Jeannine Raymond, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, UC Berkeley

Jake McGuire, Controller, Agricultural and Natural Resources
Heather Archer, Chief Administrative Officer for the Academic Personnel Enterprise, UC Berkeley
Mike Allred, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance/Controller, UC Davis
Joan Tenma, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel, UC Irvine
Susan Takeuchi, Chief Human Resources Officer, UC Irvine
Lubbe Levin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources, UCLA
Maria Olegario, Director, Human Resource Information System and Analytics, UCLA
Pam Heintzleman, UCPath Project Director, UC Merced
Jadie Lee, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, UC Riverside
Reid Hollyfield, Controller, UC San Diego
Cynthia Lynch-Leathers, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, UC San Francisco
Cindy Doherty, Director, Academic Personal, UC Santa Barbara
Pamela Peterson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel, UC Santa Cruz
John Fox, Executive Director, Human Resources, UCOP
Mike Baptista, Executive Director, Benefits, UCOP
Nancy Tanaka, Executive Director, Academic Personnel, UCOP
Jim Leedy, Executive Director, UCPath Center