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UCPath Center Supporting UCLA and Santa Cruz Payroll Processes During Deployment Delay

Date: 04-07-2015

The UCPath Center staff has started supporting UC Santa Cruz and UCLA by providing PPS-based services for some of the payroll-related processes that will eventually reside at the UCPath Center after the locations deploy UCPath.

The first call came into the UCPath Center just after 8 a.m. on Monday, March 16, ringing in at the desk of Gwen Banks, UCPath Center senior employee service associate.

“I was excited about getting the first call, but also a little nervous at first,” said Banks. “But our team has really worked together to make sure we were prepared for this day.”

The phones continued to ring throughout the day, bringing the total call count to approximately 150 calls. Most were related to verifications of employment. 

UCPath Center staff will assist with the campus payroll workload, which at this point includes three processes for UCLA and four for UC Santa Cruz. Eight additional UCLA processes will be phased in over the next three weeks.

This partnership aims to help these two campuses as they find themselves resource-constrained in the areas that will be served by UCPath. Rather than fill vacant campus positions temporarily until their deployment dates, the UCPath Center will provide the service required today.

“Not only are we able to help these campuses as they prepare for transition to UCPath but center staff will also gain valuable operations experience that will help us refine our processes prior to deployment,” said Executive Director Jim Leedy.

The processes being transferred to the center were identified based on the ability of the center to successfully provide the service, the availability of center-based expertise, and the level of risk for the location. These processes will become the permanent responsibility of the UCPath Center as the transitions occur, while financial and compliance oversight will remain at the locations until they go live.

Teams from the UCPath Center, UCLA and Santa Cruz established a strategy and project plan, designed the interim-state processes for the UCPath Center, and completed a training phase before assessing the readiness of both sides to transition the services. Since UCPath technology is not expected to be fully available until the UCPath launches at the Office of the President, the team is using systems such as PPS and web-based software at the locations, as well as the UCPath Center’s own case management software to get the work done.

Over the past few months, UCPath Center staff members were embedded at UC Santa Cruz and UCLA for several weeks to assist with the workload and familiarize themselves with the payroll operations. Upon their return they trained other UCPath Center staff who will help deliver these services.

Abby Tromblee, payroll operations manager for the UC Santa Cruz central payroll office, said the partnership has allowed campus staff to build relationships with the key UCPath Center contacts that they will be working with when the new system goes live.

”And the transition of these processes enables our department to absorb the loss of a full-time contract employee without having to refill the vacancy,” she added.

Executive Director Leedy reports that interest in the partnership project is growing.

“Other UC locations have come knocking on our door hoping to take advantage of this opportunity. We can only commit additional resources once we have a better idea of how taking on additional campus PPS services will affect our number one priority – ensuring we are completely ready for day-one go live for UCOP,” he said.